On September 3, a festival was held to promote the flag of “Samo-Government Adventures with Science” at the Municipal Stadium in Czyżew. The organizer was the Czyżew Commune, Łomża Self-Government Forum and omża Higher School of Agribusiness.

From the morning, many attractions waited for the residents of the municipality in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe stadium and the reservoir. This unique festival was officially opened by the Mayor of Czyżew, Anna Pogoka, wishing everyone a good time. When the weather was good, many residents attended the event, including numerous groups of children and schoolchildren from all schools in Czyżew municipality and neighboring communes.

As part of the excursion, there were, among other things, lectures and demonstrations given by professors from the Regional Administrative Court. There were also areas with science positions at WSA, Primary School and ZSOiZ in Czyżew, where you can “touch” science and take part in a wonderful world of experiments by controlling robots or vehicles. The little ones eagerly used inflatable slides, hand-drawing, “tattoo”, as well as various animations. The pitch board carried the cheerful sounds of the participants in games and mini-sports, and the sunny and warm day encouraged visitors to view the stands with attractive exhibits.

The military command of the annexes and the territorial defense forces gave the opportunity to play the role of a soldier, at least temporarily, thanks to the display of equipment and weapons. The modern fire engine of the Czyżew Volunteer Fire Department also attracted visitors, and there were many people willing to try on a full firefighter’s uniform, especially the girls. A large number of participants also expressed their admiration for the boxing training demonstration of Czyżew’s “MN Boxing” team. Turns out, Zumba training to the rhythm of popular songs was an attraction. In addition, everyone could taste pea soup or grilled sausage, for which participation in the picnic was free – financed by the Ministry of Education and Science under the “Social Responsibility of Science” program. During the picnic, as part of the “National Reading” campaign, portions of “Mrs. Dulska’s Morals” were read with the participation of the mayor. At the end of the festival, the project team encouraged the participants to spend quality time together.

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Info/Photo: UM in Czyżew