Deep Silver Voilition comes to life, and the brand is back with them Saints row. The series, which had four highly-rated results, decided to completely reset its world. Why don’t we play with the “five” in the title? You can find some interesting answers to this question.

Reset w uniwersum Saints Row

February 25, 2022 – Make a note of this date in your calendars, because on this day Deep Silver planned the premiere of the Saints Row reboot. The game will be released on consoles PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox S| X and Xbox One. In the case of computers, Saints row It will be temporarily exclusive to the Epic Games Store, which is not surprising.

So much for the sake of formality, but why did Voilition decide to restart at all? According to Jim Boone – one of the studio heads – A full reset allows the authors to tell a more modern story, just as they dreamed of in their minds. All of the problems that young Americans face today can be told by the authors now without being embarrassed by the plot of previous installments.

Welcome to Santo Ileso!

strange wild west

A brand new city will definitely help achieve the goal of the creators. Santo Eliso, the fictional city in the American Southwest, is one of the most diverse corners of the country. When the city is plunged into crime, the task of the player will be to build the gangster empire.

They will help him with this Brand new characters – Neenah, Kevin and Eli, with whom you will form the group The Saints. It can be said that this is a twisted story about creating a startup. After all, the first million should be stolen, right?

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A new beginning for Saints Row also means the emergence of new heroes
A new beginning for Saints Row also means the emergence of new heroes

This chase, these blasts!

Despite the crazy madness that accompanies the games from the series Saints row Since then, the latest announcement shows that Voilition is more confident in its product than ever before. Epic chases, huge arsenal along with dynamic gameplay – it seems you will find it all in the latest Saints Row game.

The authors promise advanced hero customization systems, but what interests me most is the co-op gameplay. As the Empire of Saints grows, the volume of events in the game will definitely increase in parallel, That’s why I can’t wait to experience the fun of editing together.

If shooting in Saints Row is fun, the game might win a lot of my sympathy
If shooting in Saints Row is fun, the game might win a lot of my sympathy

Madness through genes

However, I am concerned that in 2022 developers will constantly release games for the older generation of consoles. Saints Row doesn’t look like a title that will be restricted to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The authors also argue that They care about the widest possible range of recipients so that intergenerational cooperation is possible for as long as possible.

It’s understandable, especially since it’s not expected early next year Saints row He had no competition in his class. We’ll soon see how Voilition works in practice, and in the meantime, we’ll be waiting for more news from Gamescom!

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