Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of Education and Science, donated about 19 million Polish zlotys to two universities in Rzeszów – the university and the technical university. The funds will be allocated, inter alia, to the purchase of research equipment and the construction of the server room.

The ceremony for handing over checks to the rectors of the two universities took place on Friday at the Podkarpackie Voivodeship office in Rzeszów.

As emphasized by Kazarnik, the donated funds will enhance the scientific potential of both the university and the University of Technology. The latter university received, inter alia, over 11 million PLN for the construction of a servant room.

Referring to these funds, the minister said that the “leap in information technology” that will be made possible by this investment will contribute to raising the quality of research and science.

Czarnek also donated checks to both deans to student research clubs operating in the universities. “I think less than 550 thousand. PLN of student research clubs under the program + Student Research Clubs are creating innovations + They will be used well here” – he emphasized.

The President of the University of Rzeszów, Silwester Kzobek, confirmed his thanks for the donated funds, in excess of 7 million PLN, that it would be spent on developing research and purchasing the necessary equipment, including microscopes.

Research that will be able to compete with those produced in world famous laboratories will be developed. Funds will be fully allocated for the purchase of equipment that will enable a quantum leap for research in many disciplines. From disciplines related to agriculture and food technology through medical specialties to the humanities “- he declared.

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In turn, the president of the Rzeszów University of Technology, Piotr Koszelnik, said that more than 11 million Polish zlotys obtained by the university will be spent on developing the server room.

“Thank you for actions that will strengthen the university’s IT infrastructure. When we think about investments, we often understand that we will build buildings, but recent months have shown that universities without buildings can, unfortunately, live without IT systems. This is why we decided to increase Investing in our IT systems so that we can protect ourselves in the future should situations like this occur, ”the PRz president said.

On the other hand, Iowa Lennart, Voivode Podcarpasse, emphasized that the development of universities in Rzeszów is important for the entire region. It reported that approximately 40,000 people study in Rzeszów. Persons. (PAP)

Author: Wojciech Huk

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