Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, expects a very strong recovery in short-haul flights in Europe.

Ryanair authorities expect that aircraft seat offerings will soon return to pre-pandemic levels. As proof of this, the carrier has launched 14 new routes from London airports, incl. To Spain, Italy, Sweden and Finland.

Irish Airways is the largest airline in Europe by number of passengers carried. Ryanair expects it will return to 10.5 million passengers a month in September.

Meanwhile, the carrier’s president, Michael O’Leary, expects ticket prices to increase during the winter season – but they’re still lower than rates before the coronavirus pandemic.

We don’t expect airfares to return to pre-COVID-19 levels until the summer of 2022” – He said.

The company also plans to expand its order to include Boeing 737 Max 10 narrow-body aircraft. Ryanair plans to order up to 55 copies, but only if “time and prices are right”.

O’Leary expects a revival of short-haul air travel, but thinks Britain’s transport restrictions… are stupid.

The travel warning system is stupid and confuses people. After removing it, I think the passengers will be very happy to return to flying” – He said.

The reopening of travel in Europe, with the easing of restrictions on fully vaccinated British travelers, has led to a significant increase in interest in air travel.

Ryanair does not plan to fly from Radom. “We want to stop hindering the development of Modlin”