Wrexham AFC announced that the representatives Ryan Reynolds Rob McMeilhenny is in talks to invest in the Welsh football club.

Reynolds, Hollywood A Leicester Dead list Fame, and McKellenne, who is best known as the creator and star of the American TV show It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. They will now have a chance to “lay out their vision” for the club yet Wrexham The Trust Board Supporters’ Support Board voted to allow the husband to offer to come forward.

“As confirmed this morning, 97.5% of the electorate (1,223 members) voted in favor of the resolution,” read a statement released on the Wrexham website on Wednesday evening. As a result, conversations will continue with the proposed bidders and we are in a position to confirm the two individuals interested in investing in AFC Wrexham.

“In due course, Mr. McKellhenny and Mr. Reynolds will present their insights on the AFC Wrexham and the member’s proposal for a vote on it at the second special plenary meeting.”

Rexham is in the National League, the fifth division of English football, and Reynolds and McHenney’s bid is widely seen as a surprise.

It wouldn’t be Reynolds’ first investment, who also owns stakes in gin and mobile phone companies.

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