Exciting recordings from Ukraine. Violent clashes in many cities and the attack of the Russian army continues [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

Wasselkov Mayor Natalia Bacenovich spoke about vandals pretending to be Polish journalists. They were stopped by the territorial defense soldiers. That’s why I warned residents of the possibility of more similar events.

– They can present themselves as Polish journalists. They may make up different stories, but in reality they are on a combat mission with the enemy. She said be very careful.

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A journalist at TVN Wojciech Bojanowski in Kiev is being searched by police

TVN Kiev correspondent Wojciech Bojanowski told TVN24 that on Saturday morning, when he was driving with the operator to the place of coverage, a police car blocked their way. His comments were quoted by the portal Wirtualnemedia.pl.

Five officers, with a long pistol, jumped up, reloaded the rifle, pointed it at us, and asked us to raise our hands, and we had to stand in front of the car, and put our hands on the hood. We were brutally searched, as was our car. It took about 15-20 minutes – Bojanowski said on live coverage that he is from Kiev on Saturday evening.

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Fortunately, all this was clarified. But I must admit we ate a little fright – he added. He also said on air that Ukrainian services are sensitive because Russian saboteurs impersonate foreigners from outside Russia.

Source: Wirtualnemedia.pl

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