It’s the 25th day of the Russian attack on Ukraine. The British Ministry of Defense assessed that Ukraine was still successfully defending its airspace, and that Russia’s failure to control it had significantly impaired the progress of its entire operation.

He wrote in the British Ministry of Defense: “The Ukrainian Air Force and Air Defense Forces continue to effectively defend Ukrainian airspace. Russia has failed to control the airspace and relies heavily on long-range weapons to strike targets in Ukraine, which are launched from the relatively safe Russian airspace. “. In the daily update of the intelligence. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Twenty-fifth day

He added that “controlling the airspace was one of the main objectives of Russia in the early days of the conflict, and failures in this regard significantly weakened the progress of its operations.”

Johnson: Putin attacked because he feared Ukraine would be free and democratic

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, on Saturday, that Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine not because he was afraid of joining NATO, but because he feared a model of freedom and democracy coming from Ukraine, which could threaten his rule.

With each day that the heroic Ukrainian resistance continues, it becomes clear that Putin made a huge mistake and you have to ask yourself why he did it. Why did he decide to invade this completely innocent country? He did not really believe that Ukraine would join NATO any time soon, and he knew very well that there was no plan to deploy missiles on Ukrainian soil. Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool, Johnson said he also did not believe the almost mystical nonsense he had spoken about the origins of the Russian nation.

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