“We got soaked in acetone oil in the cabin. My eyes are terribly stinging“- Transfer Muratov.

The caption and photos, which also show the entire cabin stained with paint, were posted by Novaya Gazeta on Telegram.

Muratov said the offender yelled “Muradov, this is for our boys.” “You can smell the oil paint all over the car,” he added.

March 22 Muratov announced that he will donate his Nobel Medal to the Ukrainian Refugee Assistance Fund. A week later, Novaya Gazeta suspended its activities. In Russia, the Law on Media Restriction was passed in March: for those who call false news about the Russian army threatens imprisonment.

Novaya Gazeta remained the last major independent mass media in Russia after the closure of the Echo Moscow radio station. The newspaper has been around since 1993, and its journalist was among others Anna Politkoska. Six employees of “Nowa Gazeta”, including Politkovskaya, were killed due to their professional activities.

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