The fighting took place between two Russian planes about 30 km south of Biasha Sirkev. As a result of the fighting, nine tanks and four wheeled transport vehicles were destroyed. The information was first provided by the ArmyInform news agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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This isn’t the first time this has happened during an invasion Russia to Ukraine. According to what was reported by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces via social media, a ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet destroyed a Russian Air Force plane in the waters of the Black Sea. As suggested by the portal, such recognition errors may be due to the overwork of soldiers or the high activity of Ukrainian armored units in this section of the front.

mysterious signs

It should be noted that both armies use very similar equipment, which is why the Russians introduced a special identification system. Depends on letter symbols, incl. “O”, “X” or “V”. They determine the origin of the individual units. If you believe the information provided by the social media of the Ukrainian military, then Define the icons as follows:

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  • “Z” is “eastern forces”;
  • “Z” in the square – it’s “Crimean troops”;
  • “Hey” – these are “troops from Belarus”;
  • “V” is “Marines”;
  • “X” means “Chechnya”;
  • “a” is “special forces”;

They use a similar system Ukrainians. However, in their case, a simpler symbolism was used Vertical stripes on vehicles and two white stripes on helicopter tails.


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