“They tell people that cutting the wires is enough.”

Lukashenka should stop cheating and using people. Because what he’s doing is inhumane. His services only lie to those who live in the camp near Kuźnica, telling them that there are German buses waiting across the Polish border. Perhaps, when our conversation is published, said Komoc, the attack on the border will continue, because people have been told that it is enough to cut through the barriers, break through to the other side, and you are almost in Berlin.

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As he emphasized, we don’t really have a way to pull out.

We will not cancel the sanctions (For Belarus – PAP) We will not tolerate the regime’s oppression of thousands of Belarusians, We will not stop accepting Belarusian political refugeesWe will not recognize Lukashenka as an elected president, but we will not open the borders to people smugglers. In this way, we destroy the Schengen area and threaten the security of the entire area – he said.


I’m afraid his sudden revival does not bode well for Lukashenka. His game might end up absorbing Belarus. What’s more, and worse: I don’t know if everyone in the West will cry over Belarus. Unfortunately, the behavior of some politicians shows that not everyone shares our vision of defending the country’s independence – he added.

We are able to defend the Polish borderBut still all voices from the West at the working level, including from our western neighbors, are fully in solidarity. Some diplomats mentioned that Poland is exaggerating, and some countries are silent.


Merkel’s phone call with Putin was unfortunate

When US President Joe Biden was asked that we have official support from the European Union or NATO, he spoke with the President of the European Commission, Angela Merkel, with Vladimir Putin, and thus whether we are not isolated, he made it clear that we are isolated when we are not there. Support.

On individual matters: Merkel’s phone call with Putin was really unfortunate, as it gave the impression that the border conflict between the European Union and Russia continues. In the meantime, this is the border between the European Union and Belarus. Putin’s call for help is neither effective nor beneficial to us. It may be seen as a license to increase control over Belarus. Poland is not interested in this. We are facing the regime, not the people of Belarus, which is a sister country that has the right to live in an independent state, he said.


The head of the Presidential Office of International Policy was also asked what the president expects from the government.

– Like every citizen – Active Border Protection. And evaluate the government’s actions positively. At the same time, the president also often stresses the human side. We do not intend to allow anyone to enter Poland illegally, but we also understand that sometimes it is necessary to protect the lives of such people from frost and from the mockery of the KGB. Hence there are various activities, but I will not talk about them. Unfortunately, he said, I would make it easier for the system to counteract them.

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In response to a question about why the president did not convene the National Security Council, he explained that “the meeting of the Security Council would be logical if all political forces could reach a consensus on the defense of the borders.”

Unfortunately, the events of recent months have shown that this is not the case. We’ve seen it all: speaking out against your services, pleading to let everyone in, opposing you Border strengthening. I think when the actions of the state are called into question by some political scene, the president does the right thing. Assess that the leader is expected to make decisions, not discussions.