It is said to be mysterious Putin’s disease is pancreatic cancerIt will be held in the next few days urgent operationReports -” Il Messaggiero. Italian journalists report that until recently there were speculations, among other things, about thyroid cancer.

Russian leader According to Israeli press reports, he is scheduled to undergo surgery in National Cancer Research Center “NN Blokhin” in Moscow. According to the Italian newspaper, it is the best public clinic specializing in the treatment of oncological diseases.

Kotylarsky was said to have explained that his information was based on reports from the Moscow medical community and someone from the Kremlin administration. According to daily reports, “According to the sources, one of the buildings of the Blokhin Center is being equipped and closed to other patients.”

Putin is scheduled to undergo further tests during this time.

The journalist claims that The Kremlin is preparing for a “worst-case scenario” And if it turns out that Putin will not be able to rule the country, a special body will be created.

“If the outlook turns out to be unfavorable, Russia may temporarily lead a collective power – Council of State, To which the powers of the government will be transferred ”- we read.

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