Hungary suspended the completion of work on the sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia on Wednesday. Three diplomats told Reuters that the government in Budapest is insisting that Patriarch Cyril be removed from the sanctions list.

European Union leaders agreed Monday night on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia. It covers, inter alia, crude oil and petroleum products supplied from Russia to the member states of the European Union. In addition, the EU sanctions will cover the beloved Russian President Vladimir Putin Alina Kabaeva and Moscow Patriarch Kirill – results of a draft document describing the sixth package of sanctions against Russia.

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New sanctions against Russia

As previously reported by TVN24 correspondent Maciej Sokołowski, ambassadors of the European Union countries are now working on the details of the package. They were to turn the political agreement into a legal text so that the sixth package of sanctions against Moscow would enter into force. However, the work was not completed on Wednesday, according to information provided by Reuters.

The agreement is suspended due to Hungary In an interview with Reuters, a European diplomat said he opposes the sanctions imposed on Patriarch Cyril. Two others confirmed this to be the case.

Main image source: EPA / OLIVIER HOSLET

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