– Where do we stay? Well, as I mentioned today, perhaps at Stonehenge – said Vladimir Solovyov about the vision.

“Hysterical Solovyov is threatening Great Britain with the seizure of its territory,” Nexta said on Twitter, posting an excerpt from a recording from a program run by one of Russia’s main promoters. But, fortunately or unfortunately, this Kremlin bird will quickly be shot down by British air defense systems, so dreams will remain just dreams.


head of publicity

Vladimir Slavov has long been called “Putin’s media soldier”. He received this nickname, among other things, because he praised the Russian president, giving him a right that he does not have. He describes Putin as “a strong, intelligent and talented leader who loves the motherland and does everything to make Russians proud of their country.”

Where will Russian propaganda go?

Solovyov has his show on the state-run Russian 1 channel. And the guests he invites usually support the Kremlin line and speak hostility not only about Ukraine, but also about Poland. In one episode, the American scientist, Yale University professor Timothy Snyder, called him a “moron.”

The presenter argued that Professor Snyder published a text in the New York Times titled “We Must Say It Out Loud: Russia is Fascist.” This angered Soloviev. The whole event was described and analyzed by journalist Julia Davis of “The Daily Beast”, who monitors the message of the pro-Kremlin media on a daily basis.

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