Britain imposed more sanctions on Russia. Because of them, the largest country in the world is not able to produce its own MCST processors and Baikal Electronics.

Russia has been dreaming for many years to produce its own processors. However, due to the incompetence of local officials, this issue was not dealt with with due diligence. If you want to learn more about this topic, please refer to the interesting text by Peter “Russia. A dream about energy drowning in a wet warehouse.”

The Russians will not produce their own processors

For now, it suffices to know that Roja produces its own processors, but it uses very old solutions that do not meet today’s standards. In any case, even this will soon be removed from them as a result of further sanctions imposed on the country of Vladimir Putin by Great Britain.

Russian MCST and Baikal Electronics processors are nothing but ARM chips. The British company of the same name is entitled to use this standard. In order to use this architecture, it is necessary to pay the appropriate licenses. Due to recent sanctions, this will not be possible.

While ARM cannot revoke licenses already issued, it cannot sign new licenses with Russian companies. This means that MCST and Baikal Electronics will soon no longer be able to produce processors. This does not apply to Baikal S chips, which are already in production, but for Baikal M2, Baikal L and Baikal S2, only the Russians have a design license. They won’t get a product anymore.

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In this case, there are only two solutions – either they will crack the patents regardless of the consequences, which is not so unlikely, or they will switch to another open standard, such as RISC-V, MIPS or VLIW. This, however, may take at least two years. The wet dream of technological power is growing farther and farther.

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