Russian Internet regulator Roskomnadzor has demanded that YouTube ban the Navalny LIVE channel linked to Alexei Navalny. This request was announced on Friday by Navalny’s assistant – Lobo Sobol.

Russia has demanded that YouTube shut down the channel. It’s about Navalny Source: oriental news, Photo: Eugene Odinukov, Sputnik


Navalny LIVE channel has received information from YouTube that Roskomnadzor is demanding its closure. The Russian Internet regulator claims that Navalny’s channel violates Russian IT and information technology laws.

Roskomnadzor has added a link to the Navalny LIVE channel to the list of banned Internet materials, YT has reported. The bureau also demanded that the Lubow Sobol channel, also operated by Navalny’s assistant, be banned on YouTube.

Earlier this week, Russian authorities blocked 49 websites linked to Navalny and his associates. Navalny himself performed regularly on the Navalny LIVE channel; The channel also broadcast organized demonstrations.

In January, Navalny was first arrested and then imprisoned in a criminal colony, where he will serve a 2.5-year sentence. The NGOs he founded considered extremists.

Alexei Navalny complains before a Russian court. “This is torture”

Many of Navalny’s associates left the country, fearing for their safety. A criminal case against Lyubov Sobol is still pending.


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