A 16-year-old boy was an assistant tour guide. He died while returning home after bringing food to tourists in the Sagan Mountains. As mentioned by the portal metro.co.uKPark manager Igor Grizin said the 16-year-old had taken shortcuts, putting him at additional risk.

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They looked out the window and saw a bear in the pond. First, he knocked down litter boxes, then cooled himself with water

A bear killed a 16-year-old boy and attacked a tourist

When the boy was lost while returning home, two tourists left their tent and decided to start a search. The men managed to find the boy’s body, which was near the brown bear.

buried. The bear wandered around Krupowki. He was looking for leftovers

Animal attack One of the tourists. This – to defend himself – repeatedly stabbed Bear On the neck with a pocket knife. During the fight with the bear, the man was scratched. According to the media, in order to survive and not provoke the animal, he pretended to be dead until help arrived. The second tourist quickly fled the scene and returned to the camp where the whole group was. From there, Russian National Park employees were notified of the case.

Cloud explosion in Poznan.  Storm effects.Poznan after rain. The ‘waterfall’ at the station, residents wad waist-deep into the water

Garden workers shot the bear

In the morning the workers found a bear and shot it when he tried to get it Once Another attack. It turned out that the animal could attack people, long periods of frost led to the formation of a dense snow cover, which prevented Animal Appropriate feed.

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Jergaki National Park is located in the central part – meridian Russia, near the border with Mongolia.