The Joint Operational Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have reported 53 ceasefire violations by Russian-backed separatists in Donbass, Ukraine. Ukrainian media reported that there were more false news about the situation in the region. It was reported, inter alia, that the separatist media reported that “Ukrainian saboteurs in Donetsk” allegedly “planned an outbreak” in the city.

On Sunday, the headquarters of the joint Ukrainian Armed Forces operation published a message describing that from the beginning of the day until 5 pm (4 pm in Poland), the separatists violated the ceasefire 53 times, including 50 times using weapons prohibited under the Minsk agreements. A Ukrainian soldier was wounded as a result of the shooting.

It was emphasized that the Ukrainian forces were in control of the situation and that they had “responded appropriately to potential threats from the enemy”.

According to Ukrainian employees, the day before, 136 cases of shootings by Russian-backed separatists were recorded Donbass. Seven Ukrainian soldiers were wounded.

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Ukrainian soldier in Donbass ZURAB KURTSIKIDZE / PAP / EPA

Ukrainian media: Russian propaganda publishes more fake articles about the situation in Donbass

The Russian-backed separatists who control the eastern regions of Ukraine announced on Friday evacuation calls civilians from their lands to Russia, in reference to the alleged attack in the Donbass planned by Ukraine. The Ukrainian army claims that it is not planning any violent operations in the east of the country.

evacuation To the Rostov region of Russia Russian media reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered financial aid to be given to the evacuees. However, according to Ukrainian Human Rights Ombudsman Ludmyla Denisova, Russian authorities do not guarantee deportees housing, warm food or medical services.

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A resident of Tamarchuk village comes under fire in eastern UkrainePAP / EPA / STANISLAV KOZLIUK

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Ukrainian website Pravda wrote on Sunday that Russian propaganda is fueling the situation and spreading more false news about the situation in Donbass. It was reported, inter alia, that the separatist media reported that “Ukrainian saboteurs in Donetsk” were “planning bombings” in the city. According to Ukrainian media, Russian media also continued to mislead themselves about the actions of the Ukrainian army, accusing it of carrying out bombing operations. The Ukrainian side confirms that it does not or will not take any offensive actions in Donbass.

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Main image source: ZURAB KURTSIKIDZE / PAP / EPA