In talks with Ukrainian authorities, representatives of the Biden administration discussed plans to leave Kiev and transfer President Zelensky to Lviv. NBC News reported Monday that in the event of a Russian invasion.

NBC News cites two sources Familiar with the discussions. The plan would include Zelensky’s departure to Lviv, in the event of a Russian invasion.

The White House declined to comment on the matter, and a spokesman for the President of Ukraine denied thisThe transfer plan was the subject of talks between Zelensky and US officials. Meanwhile, he could not determine whether such discussions were conducted at a lower level.

President Biden and other administration officials have publicly warned that Kiev may be the target of a Russian invasion.

According to NBC, despite public statements reassuring Ukrainians about the possibility of a Russian attack, The Ukrainian authorities were “secretly preparing for the Russian attack.”, including. By moving the IT infrastructure and elements of the military command out of Kiev.

– They did everything they had to do to get ready. The TV source said they did so very quietly.

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