In the past, Alexander Sobotin was a member of the board of directors of OOO Trading House Lukoil. Mash on Telegram TV reported that he was due to die after a session with the shaman and his wife, who welcomed their clients into a private house and provided treatment with poisonous frogs.

The treatments the couple used included cutting the skin, then injecting frog venom into the wound to improve the patient’s condition. The shaman also summoned the spirits of the dead and funny animals.

Sobotin had known the shaman’s family for a long time and regularly used their services. However, the last session was not successful. After he got rid of the hangover, he felt bad and his heart started to hurt. The shaman and his wife decided not to call an ambulance and tried to treat Sobotin with Corvalol, a herbal sedative popular in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union as a heart medicine. After this attempt, Subbotin was put to sleep and taken to the basement where he died.

When the police arrived, the shaman said they were just friends with Subbotin.

Alexander Sobotin is the brother of Valery Sobotin, the former vice president of Lukoil crude oil supply and sales. He worked in the central office and was seen as one of the successors to CEO Vagit Alekperov.