Before the final, the Polish national team was one of the main favorites for victory, because they had won earlier before the race, and then came back again with a huge advantage over their rivals in impressive fashion. In Sunday’s final they showed their strength once again, dominating the race from the start to the last meters and were the first to cross the finish line by more than two seconds over Italy. The Romanians took third place.

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Before the competition in Switzerland, the coach of the national team, Alexander Wojciechowski, made corrections in the composition of the settlements. He joined the four Zitarski and Baranski, who in Poznan finished second in the double in the World Cup competition.

We expected to be stronger than in the previous competition. You can see such a fighting spirit in this crew, sometimes even spreading – Wojciechowski told PAP.

Despite the excellent result, he is trying to lighten the mood. – It must be remembered that there were no strong Dutch and Australian Olympic champions in Lucerne, and some federations mixed between their settlements. There are quite a few teams that can really prove themselves. So, let’s keep our calm, without going crazy – he emphasized.

The coach acknowledged that decisions regarding the target composition of the settlements will be made next week. The four were strengthened at the expense of two, and in this competition Szymon Piciel and Piotr Płomiński took only fifteenth place.

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The other five Polish teams that took part in Sunday’s finals were put out of the podium.

Artur Mikołajczewski and Jerzy Kowalski did not play a significant role in the finals in the lightweight duo. Halfway through the distance, they engaged in the fight for the top spots and finished the competition in sixth place, more than nine seconds behind the winners. Two Italian settlements came first, and Norway came third.

For the first time in this year’s World Cup Finals series, a women’s quartet advanced to the top six regatta events. Katarzina Poros, Marta Velichko, Katarzina Zelmann and Joanna Dittmann came in fourth, but the Italians lost a lot to third, nearly three seconds ahead. China defeated Great Britain.

The four without a captain took part in the Final A for the second time (in May in Belgrade they finished fourth). Olga Mičkiewicz, Wironica Kamerichak, Zuzana Lesnar and Barbara Jochorek were only in the lead at the start of the race, but after the 500m they quickly began to lose distance from their rivals and the last of them came. Great Britain defeated Romania and New Zealand.

Two Polish settlers participated in the lightweight doubles final, but did not play a significant role in the decisive competition, ending in the betting end. Jessica Sobocińska with Katarzyna Wełna took fifth place, and Wiktoria Kalinowska and Zuzanna Jasińska took sixth place. The coach of this group, Michai Kozovsky, in all World Cup competitions changed the composition of the settlements, which always entered the final of A. .

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The four without a captain (Łukasz Posyłajka, Piotr Juszczak, Mikołaj Burda, Mateusz Wilangowski) fell short of expectations, winning the Final B, meaning they were ranked seventh.

This year’s World Cup series ended in Lucerne. The rowers will undergo another test in a month – the European Championships will be held in Munich from 12 to 14 August. The season ends with the World Championships, which will be held in Ratchez, Czech Republic, at the end of next September.


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