Actress Rooney Mara has been nominated for an Academy Award for her roles in “The Girl with the Tattoo” and “Carol,” and she will play popular character Audrey Hepburn in the biopic about a golden age Hollywood star. How did fans react to this news? Not everyone is happy…

Audrey Hepburn’s biography is a production planned by Apple Studios. It will present the history of the famous star and well-known cinema icon, among others. from the movies Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and my beautiful sir. Hepburn has been nominated for an Academy Award multiple times for her acting achievements, which have had a huge impact on Hollywood. The actress was born in Brussels and educated in the occupied Netherlands, Where she danced in secret shows, she donated the proceeds to people persecuted by the Nazis. She later began working in Great Britain. She was not only a famous actress, but also a fashion icon and UNICEF ambassador. she died in 1993 At the age of 64 he lost the battle against cancer.

The role of movie icon, Audrey Hepburn, will be played by 36-year-old Rooney Mara. The American actress is known among others. From roles in films “The Girl with the Tattoo” and “Carol”. It won Oscar nominations for them. According to the sources, Mara will also co-produce Audrey Hepburn’s autobiographywho will direct Luca Guadagnino (“Those days, those nights”). as shown Hepburn’s son is pleased with the choice of the actress Although he apparently had no idea about the plans to create this kind of production.

I totally agree with this decision. I am happy with this choice. Rooney Mara is delightful. You can see that he has a lot of love . Sean Ferrer said in an interview with The New York Post

Production details are unknown at the moment. No release date has been set, nor what part of Audrey Hepburn’s life the film will include.

Many people say that Rooney Mara looks like Audrey Hepburn. However, despite this, Not everyone is satisfied with the information that she will be playing a cult actress In a biographical film. The biggest discontent was expressed by fans of Lily Collins, in which she plays the main role The series “Emily in Paris”.. They shared their comments on the network, claiming that the role was stolen from the actress who was scheduled to play in this film.

No one thought Kristen Stewart would play Princess Diana so well, and yet she did. Lily Collins would 100% do the same for the role of Audrey Hepburn if given the chance – one fan tweeted

Lily Collins did everything except for the title role in the biography of Audrey Hepburn. We know she’s pissed off about Rooney Mara’s win over her, another Lily Collins fan wrote on Twitter

Who do you think would be more suitable for the role of Audrey Hepburn?

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