The right furniture arrangement will change the face of any room, no matter its size. Before visiting your local or online furniture store, check out the tricks you can apply to your living room, bedroom, or dining room to give them a new look.

Living Room Furniture: Plan a Focal Point

If you are not sure how to arrange the furniture in the living room, start by designating a seating area with a good view of the rest of the room or, for example, a row of windows. If you can’t choose between placing your furniture around the fireplace and around the TV, choose both – install the TV… over the fireplace.

If your home doesn’t have blank walls and a central fireplace, place seating furniture in the center of the room. Point the chairs and sofa toward you to encourage conversation. At this particular focal point, be sure to place a coffee table. Attach it to extra seating and storage cabinets along the walls. Remember about functionality – a sofa or corner sofa with foldable function is always a good choice.

Add some life to your living room too – literally! Consider the arrangement of the plant. Green color suits all interiors – traditional, modern or loft. place planning wooden flower stand In your living room and enjoy close contact with nature.

Family Room Furniture: Plan Big Storage Space

The family room – if there is one in your house – is often a storage space, so you should always remember the space for cupboards and drawers and the “clutter area”. Consider stand-alone pieces in a smaller room and built into the walls of a larger room. The family room is also a great place for different types of multimedia entertainment – TV or game console. All the furniture of your dreams can be here.

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kitchen layout

When considering different ideas for the design and layout of your kitchen, consider the following to get a clearer view of your future project:

  • How do you use the kitchen? Kitchen design should be designed to perfectly fit into your lifestyle.
  • Is it an open space? First of all, focus on the design of the working part of the kitchen, but also on its relationship to the dining table or – in the open kitchen – to the dining area.
  • Don’t forget the work triangle. To plan a space for prep and cooking, use the concept of a work triangle in the kitchen. The three points are the refrigerator, sink and stove, with imaginary lines between them forming a triangular shape. These three points should be close enough to each other for efficient food preparation, but each workstation should also be spacious and comfortable.
  • What style should the kitchen be? Do you want it to match the style or period of your home or the other way around? Was it identical to the interior of the other rooms, did it stand out? What will be the colors of your future kitchen?

The answers to these questions will help you choose the correct answer Kitchen Furniture.

Dream Furniture for Dining Room

Consider how you use the dining room to determine what you need. Do you eat family meals frequently or do you prefer a daily buffet? Choose the furniture that suits your needs and put it in a layout that fits the room. For example, if you prefer to present the buffet style, it is necessary to arrange the dining room furniture with plenty of space to move between the chairs and the buffet table.

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Which table to choose for the dining room? Round tables allow guests to see everyone at the table well and are suitable for narrow dining rooms or square rooms. Rectangular tables limit seating capacity, but work well in rectangular dining rooms and are available in a variety of lengths and widths. Oval tables with added leaves work well in any indoor setting and provide the flexibility to accommodate meetings small or large.

bedroom furniture

When planning the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom, consider the size of your bed. Leave at least half a meter on each side to allow room to move freely. Avoid placing the bed within a meter of the door – otherwise the bed becomes a hindrance. It is possible to use a larger bed when arranging a small bedroom, if you do not need a lot of storage furniture. The choice of bedroom furniture should be limited to the most important and necessary elements – the bedroom is your space for relaxation and contemplation, so it should not be crowded.


The garden is not an enclosed space (usually), but it must also be arranged properly and provided with appropriate furniture. When it comes to space for dining, sitting and relaxing, choose the best comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bamboo or polyratan furniture. Remember that each element of garden decor affects its appearance and functionality. This also applies to flower beds, canopies or canopies kennelsPlus other little things. You definitely do not want your house to be untidy – use the same principle in arranging your garden!

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