Romanian President Klaus Iohannis approved a number of measures to be carried out by NATO forces on the territory of the country. This enables, among other things, the deployment of allied aircraft and helicopters, and the conduct of US intelligence activities in the Black Sea.

The decision was made regardingOsei invasion of UkraineAfter analyzing the conclusions regarding threats in the region – received in the communication.

It has been determined that Johannes allows this, if necessary, in Romania NATO Response Force units, including their own, have been deployed Very Fast Response Component (VJTF). The president’s approval also enables the movement of NATO forces on Romanian soil and the activities of naval groups to “strengthen” Vigil in the Black Sea“.

Yohannes added that the approved document makes this possible Deployment of American, Italian and German aircraftAnd British and American helicopters Participation in air support missions, as well as deployment in Romania French troops as an element Strengthening the eastern flank of NATO.

In addition, the approved document authorizes the United States to publish “intelligence, surveillance, and research assets” on black sea And on the border between Romania and Ukraine, as well as for Deployment of US forces In three Roman garrisons and in one of the air bases.

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