Until now, it was not possible to confirm any information that appeared in the GTA 6 theme. This is slowly changing.

Players finally got a meaningful advance that could actually lead to GTA 6. All because of Riot’s patents. It turns out that you can read really interesting things from them. It all started with the patenting of an artificial intelligence.

In short, it is very likely that the new GTA will not need any loading screens in the online version. It will allow you to create more advanced characters, more traffic and more players in one session.

Change in neighborhoods

A Reddit user who started the topic tracked down all of Riot’s patents. He was very interested in what the developers had scored in 2017. It was just about the neighborhood at the time.

Patten says the buildings and surroundings in the game will change depending on the situation. Buildings can expand, but they can also be repaired. It’s something that can completely change GTA. It is easy to imagine that based on the actions of the main character, the territory in which he lives begins to crumble, people get out, etc.

However, it’s not known if this is definitely the next installment of Grand Theft Auto, but players have no doubt that since Rockstar wants:

  • Improving artificial intelligence
  • Shorten download screens
  • Improved driving system with artificial intelligence
  • Traffic density increase
  • Finally, enter variable neighborhood

This should be another game here, not an ongoing update to the current GTA Online.

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