For years, medicine has been using modern solutions in the field of computer technology, and new ideas are already waiting in the queue, which is slowly becoming more and more popular in Polish health centers. We are talking, for example, about artificial intelligence algorithms, virtual reality glasses or robots that support the work of a doctor. Maciej Kawecki spoke about this kind of problem in the interaction between new technologies and health with three doctors. His guests were the professor. Janusz Rio, Prof. Stanislav Koch and Legia Kornovska. There was a question, for example, why, despite many years of financial investment, robotics or artificial intelligence is a rare sight in operating rooms. a. Janusch Rio says:

Says the professor. Kłęk, who adds that the latest technology must now be reserved for more advanced treatments, because “their cost does not match the profits”. For example, in the case of procedures such as kidney stones, a skilled surgeon can dispense with them and “no support needed”.

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