The Russian economy is collapsingThis is evidenced by the decline in imports from this country – emphasized Habek (greens). Exports to Russia from countries that joined the sanctions against Russia have fallen by 53% in recent months, while exports from neutral countries or those that support the Russian authorities have fallen by 45%. – Inform the minister.

Germany In March, they reduced their exports to Russia by 60 percent, and in April by even more – he added.

As he said, there is currently a shortage of some products in Russia, which is seriously detrimental to the Russian economy. “Putin is still getting the money, but time is not on Russia’s side,” said Habek.

Nobody wants to invest in Russia anymore. put it in He may not be able to take it anymore. The Russian Economy Minister argued that, despite being able to supply its army with fuel or wheat, sanctions have a strong impact on the Russian economy, adding that “the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy will lead to its eventual collapse.”

Jens Spahn of the opposition Christian Democratic Party CDU He accused Habeck of being “too ambiguous” in dealing with the difficult economic situation in the country at a record time of inflation and economic uncertainty. – There is still no detailed timetable for moving away from Russian gas. The prospects for gas supplies from Qatar are also unclear. We don’t know anything specific – count span.

He accused the Minister of Economy of wanting to use coal-fired power stations to generate electricity in times of gas shortage in the country instead of “reducing gas consumption at the present time.” He indicated that he also did not understand the reason HABIK It plans to continue operating coal-fired power plants in place of CO2 neutral nuclear power plants.

The current coalition of the SPD, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party has governed Germany since December 2021. Previously, the CDU/CSU formed coalition governments with different parties for 16 years under the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel – recalls Dibba.


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