found before Archaeologists The ring belongs to a very rare group of artifacts that have survived to this day in very good condition. It is made of gold and decorated with a green stone inscribed with the image of a young man carrying a ram or a sheep on his shoulders. This symbol is one of the oldest signs used by the Christian community in the East.

Archaeologists have also been able to find hundreds of Roman bronze and silver coins from the middle of the 3rd century, silver coins from the beginning of the 14th century, two Roman statues and a second ring with a lyre carved on them. Among the treasures, there were also bronze bells, intended to … chase away evil spirits.

Photo: Abeer Sultan / Bab

Some artifacts have been found in shipwrecks off the coast of Israel

The ship sank centuries ago during a storm

The discovery was made at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea near the ancient port of Caesarea, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority. According to archaeologists, the history of the ring with the Good Shepherd dates back to about the middle of the 3rd century. Essa As the Good Shepherd, he appears in the Gospel of St. John as the protector of his flock, which can be interpreted as believers.

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According to Reuters, the discovery comes from the hulls of two ships that sank during the storm.

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Photo: Abeer Sultan / Bab

The history of the ring with the Good Shepherd dates back to the middle of the third century

Caesarea was one of the first centers of Christianity in which one of the first religious groups was active.

Photo: Abeer Sultan / Bab

Bronze and silver coins, caught from the shipwreck at a depth of approximately 4 meters

source: ReutersAnd BBC