The United States is decarbonizing transportation. Like the rest of the world, the United States should invest in it Renewable energy sourcesTo operate electric vehicle chargers. Hence the new law regulating the production of energy from renewable energy for the purposes of electric mobility.

renewable fuel

A few days ago, the US government announced a new law for biomass and biogas produced to power electric vehicles. Energy is produced on a larger scale, for example from garbage JungleAnd the municipality and those of the farms.

If the bill passes, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will have to deal with several backlogs. The Environmental Protection Agency will be required to chart a course and set new standards for it renewable fuel, in another meaning. Renewable Fuel Standard Program (RFS).

The Renewable Fuel Standard Program was established to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand the domestic renewable fuel sector. The goal was also to reduce dependence on oil supplies. The program was approved by the Energy Policy Act in 2005 and extended in 2007.

Renewable energy to power electric vehicles

The bill aims to enable projects involving the production of biomass and biogas from waste and use this energy to charge electric vehicles (EV) and those powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The production of energy from renewable sources is supposed to have a positive impact on the entire environment by reducing the amount of fire risks, reducing emissions and using existing raw materials. California has been struggling with deadly wildfires for years. The authorities want to use forest biomass in order not to increase the risk of fire and to reduce an extremely high level of biomass.

I have long supported subsidies for biomass electricity production to encourage everyone to pursue sound forest management and much-needed reduction of hazardous fuels in fire-prone states like California – said Congressman John Garamendi.


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