Mobile phones are devices that are used by almost every person in the world. With the advent of smartphones, each of their owners can always have access to the camera or web browser. It is not surprising, then, that these caused the deaths of telephone boxes that had disappeared from Polish cities.

British telephone boxes have become a permanent component of the country’s infrastructure. However, it is rarely used by anyone nowadays, so in order not to eliminate it, it was decided to find a new use for it. It turns out that premium cabins can be more useful than you think.

Tom Scott demonstrated a new use of telephone boxes in Great Britain. The British YouTube site recorded an example of the transformation of the red cabin in a village. Instead of a phone, a pacemaker is installed there, which can save a person’s life. The project was implemented by a company that has already delivered more than 6,500 devices of this type across the country. The cost of each of them ranges from PLN 8000 to PLN 11000.

The example shown in the video is not a rule. Some phone boxes will only become assistive points with defibrillators. Some cabins will likely remain in their original form as part of British infrastructure.


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