The discussion about the filing and deposit system has been temporarily reduced to a dispute over what types of packages it should include. (Or just plastic? Maybe glass too? What’s the capacity?). Stores should be prepared.

Regardless of the final decision on what types of enclosures the system will cover, there are a number of issues to consider. First of all, it is worth analyzing what is necessary so that sites with high traffic, that is, visited by many consumers, can secure the appropriate tools to fulfill the obligation and ensure consumer access to the system. We check the requirements that an entity subject to the obligation to provide a deposit and/or deposit system must meet that wants to invest in a so-called bottle dispenser eg SiVario 2020 by Sielaff distributed by Interseroh.

Reverse vending machine from Sielaff, distribution in Poland: Interseroh© Inrisruh

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First of all, the surface

We must realize that the bottle machine is not just a chute and basket into which the bottles fall. All the space needed for the machine can be divided into two areas. The first is an area for the customer who can only see the front of the machine heads with an entry hole and a touch screen (a space similar to that occupied by an ATM in a wall). The packet is scanned in the head, and the processor decides what should happen with the next packet (according to a programmed process). The second area consists of a sorting system with conveyors, compactors (for available packaging) and a table for bottles (reusable packaging). It is invisible to the customer, but it requires more space Describes Przemysław Kuna, Managing Director of Interseroh Advisory Spółka z oo

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As you can guess, the customer expects free access to the machine, since he must be able to conveniently empty a bag or trolley from the empty packaging and place it in the slot of the bottle machine (about 1.5 square meters). The area of ​​u200bu200bthe appropriate sorting area is related to the identification of the necessary units (we do not know how many types of packaging the system will cover, what specific model the entrepreneur will decide on), but you can assume an average of about 30 m2 for this purpose, safe areas are needed for free access to the equipment for operational needs Service and possible repairs.

Can the machine be placed anywhere?

The construction of the device, its size and the number of elements require appropriate conditions. First of all, it should be a closed room without high humidity, and the device should be correctly located (for example by installation) on the floor, so that the machine does not move during heavy work and is stable.

The input vents should not be exposed to excessive sunlight, and the device should be kept out of reach of strong heat sources. Since it is an electrical device with moving parts, it is also necessary to provide protection against dust or contact with water (such a machine, for example, should not be washed with a pressure washer).

All of the above aspects are only general requirements for the physical basis of the device, and all documents that must be prepared in advance must be taken into account. Many entrepreneurs are faced with an important choice: increase the construction area or reduce the retail space? The more packages (and types) handled by a reverse vending machine, the more difficult the decision and the greater the challenge for entrepreneurs. – confirms Przemysław Kuna.

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And why all this?

Przemysław Kuna – Managing Director of Interseroh Advisory Sp. Zoo

Environmental protection consultant. Graduated from Lodz University of Technology. For many years, he has been involved in audits of entrepreneurs in the field of compliance with legal requirements and implementation of corrective actions in the field of operations related to environmental protection. On a daily basis, he performs functions related to supervising and coordinating the activities of Interseroh Consulting staff.

Currently, business requires automation of processes that will allow the assignment of released powers to employees for core business activities. The bottle dispenser, intended to support an important environmental goal, may be maintenance free most of the time, and the sensing system and internet access will allow service personnel to continuously monitor the status of the machine.

Stores must serve customers, and employees are fully focused on meeting customer needs. The potential small business in infrastructure may not exceed one percentage of the time per month.

Proper implementation of the device and process planning and coordination will assist in the effective implementation of a packaging or packaging waste collection system. However, given all the above-mentioned aspects related to the operation of the machine, it is necessary to be judicious in the discussion about the number of types of packaging to be included in the system. Covering a larger group of packages with a deposit or deposit may also have the effect of increasing facility maintenance costs, which will also translate into consumer product prices. On the other hand, if the legislator now expands the system to include fewer packages and add more streams in a year or two, it will be much worse and potentially lead to immeasurably higher costs. – confirms Przemysław Kuna.

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stop itThe article was written in collaboration with Interseroh

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