Indonesian Edwin received the highest award at the Locarno Film Festival, the Golden Tiger, for his latest feature film Vengeance is mine, everyone pays cash Presented for the first time in the international competition of the Swiss Festival.

The Match Factory oversees a co-production between Indonesia, Singapore and Germany that has been adapted and based on the literary work of Iki Kurniawan.

For the first time in Locarno’s 74-year history, Golden Leopard went to an Indonesian director.

On behalf of Edwin, who has already returned to Jakarta and is now in quarantine, the award was received by one of the film’s producers, Mohamed Zaida: I hope this gives us a boost of hope.”

“I hope Southeast Asian cinema will always bring us many colors and flavors, and most importantly, I always dare to speak out against injustice or anything that kills our humanity,” Edwin added in a video clip broadcast at the ceremony.

At the award ceremony held for the first time on Saturday afternoon (14 Zeros and onesAnd a Special Jury Prize for Qiu Jiongjiong for his first feature film new old piece.

Tiger went for Best Actress to Russian Woman Anastasia Krasovska for her role in Natalia Kudryashova Gerda. The Best Actor award went to Real Plumbers Mohamed Malali and Valero Escolar for their performances in Neus Ballús Strange men’s work.

The international jury awarded special prizes Holy Spirit And animal spirit.

Contemporary Filmmakers

The three-person jury of the Contemporary Filmmakers Contest – French actress Agatha Bonnetzer, Laotian American director Matti Do and Rotterdam Film Festival director Vanga Kaludjersic – awarded Francesco Montagner’s documentary the Golden Leopard for Best Film. Brothers About toxic masculinity and terrorism, which are handled internationally by Leipzig Deckert Distribution.

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Bardot for Best Actress went to German Saskia Rosendal for her role in Sabrina Sarabi’s second feature film. Nobody with calves With Best Actor Gia Agumava from Georgia for his first acting role in Elene Naveriani wet sand.

The Best Young Director award went to Heliba Babu from Belarus legionWhile the jury prize for an advertising campaign worth CHF 25,000 (19695) went to Emilie Aussel at the cinema premiere in France Our eternal summer.

First Prize for a Feature Film

The Swatch First Feature Award went to British actress and director Charlotte Colbert you will do, with Alice Krige, Malcom McDowell and Rupert Everett and had a world premiere in the festival’s Out of Competition section. Special reference to Araceli Lemos Holy Amy.

Independent Jury Awards

The award ceremony by an independent jury was held one hour after the main jury announced the winners of the outdoor Rotonda Festival.

The Ecumenical Jury, chaired by the American S. Brent Rodriguez-Plate, awarded the prize to Swiss director Lorenz Merz. animal spirit Produced by Hesse Film and distributed in Switzerland by Ascot Elite Entertainment.

The Fipresci Award for a film in the main competition went to author and director Bertrand Mandeco After Blue (Paradise Sale) Supervised by Kinology in the international arena, the jury of four European exhibitors from the Europa Cinemas network awarded the Europa Cinemas label of the year. Strange men’s work Marketed by Beta Cinemas.

The independent sidebar Semaine de la Critique, organized by the Swiss Association of Film Journalists in collaboration with the festival, awarded two prizes to the films screened in its window of seven international documentaries.

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Critics’ Week przyznano Grand Prix: The balcony movie From Paweł Łosiński, Premio Zonta Club Locarno – for the film that best expresses social commitment – went to a Finnish-Danish co-production How to kill a cloud By Tuija Halttunen, which is offered internationally by Rise and Shine World Sales.

The third prize – the Marco Zocchi Prize – in memory of the General Delegate of Samin who died last year – went to Said Taji Faroukis. a thousand fire which is described as “family history, oil and life cycles in the hand-dug oil fields of Myanmar”.

Laetitia Casta, Jill Ann Heard, Yuka Saito, Abel Ferrara, Melissa Liu, Ross Liebmann, Phil Tibbett, John and Deborah Landis, and Ferdinando Seto Filmarino, who opened the festival in his first English Beckett August 4 with movie stars John David Washington and Vicki Krebs.

During this year’s festival, potential candidates for the successor to the 77-year-old Locarno president Marco Solari were seriously discussed. Among the names mentioned are Carla Speziali, former Locarno mayor and festival board member and president of Palacinema, Patrizia Bisenti, Credit Suisse board member and local politician Filippo Lombardi.