Radomir Bjoron, Mummifying Representative, Director of the Municipal Cultural Center in Koło. As an animator, he was awarded a statue of the Caryatids to make room for artistic development and stimulate active movement on the scene of local culture.

He has been MDK Director since 2015, previously working there as a theater coach. However, the most important point of his biography is the Wrocław Mime Theatre. Henryk Tomaszowski. This experience shaped his whole life.

You are an example of going back to the sources, that is, from the great scenes to your hometown.

– I went back to Koło several times. In fact, I was at the Wrocław Mime Theater until 2015. However, everything has its time. The theater lost its master, Henrik Tomaszowski, and there was no point in staying there.

However, Wroclaw Mime Theater affected his entire life?

– There I met people with great theatrical knowledge. There is no school for mumming in Poland. The exam is held before the Association of Polish Dramatic Artists. These are the moments when you meet great people who are not repressing or manipulating them. They are happy that they can offer something. I have met those people in my life who have allowed me to discover my calling. I am grateful to them for that. Being in the circle gives me another kind of joy. What I learned in mime theater, on stage, and in workshops, I can pass on to the residents. I try to make what we do here have value and meaning.

Is it not easy in the provinces?

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You have to be convinced that culture is a value that you should invest in. This is why I feel a bit like a pioneer walking a machete through the bush and has to cut that brush so someone has an easier path. However, we educate the public. At first, there were a few viewers on our show, now there is a full audience at every premiere.

These are the performances you make with the power of your wheel?

– We have two theater spaces in the Municipal Cultural Center. One is filled by Darek Matisik with his original performances, the other is Teatr im. Czeslaw Freudenrich. These are two different artistic proposals that have their audience. We deal with literature modifications. Now we are working on a show I directed based on “Faust”. We’re planning to premiere in November. Moving on in Freudenreich’s footsteps (last owner of a pottery factory in Koło), who was a philanthropist, influencer, patron and patriot, invented the “Czesławów” party, during which we appreciate artists and activists from different walks of life. In this way, people learn to appreciate others and enjoy their successes. In addition, there are people in the community center who love what they do and instill a love of art. they share. Therefore, the first commandment of the governor should be “Do not disturb.”

Did you go back to the sources because you wanted to or did you have to?

– I wanted it, although at first the opinion was that they did not want Piorun in Wrocław, it goes back to Koło. Because who would run away from a big city? And I began to repeat myself in the theater. There are no more such interesting offers. Since I was supposed to dance, and I can’t do it because I’m an actor, I don’t see any challenges there. It ended normally and I went home with my wife who also played WTP. I do not regret. I feel at home here. I love the circuit. I live and work for culture recipients. For people, we create a space in which they can express themselves. There are more cases of achievement. Furthermore, I don’t waste any time wrestling with a big city. I have a lot of nature. The wheel is about culture.

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