An Army spokeswoman said retired US General Gary Volsky, who serves as a Pentagon consultant, was suspended from his duties due to a response he posted on Twitter under First Lady Jill Biden’s letter on the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion.

Volsky, a former US Army spokesperson who was honored with the Silver Star Medal for Valor in Iraq, is a highly paid adviser to the Pentagon. USA Today quoted Army spokeswoman General Theodore Martin as saying that General Theodore Martin, commander of the Combined Arms Center, has suspended Volsky pending the outcome of an investigation into his statements.

On June 24, the first lady of the United States tweeted condemning the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the federal right to abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, which has been in effect for nearly 50 years, giving the state and Congress the power to regulate the case. “Nearly 50 years ago, women had the right to decide about their own bodies. Today that right has been taken away from them,” she wrote.

“I’m glad you finally know what a woman is,” Volsky replied. Later, his tweet was deleted.

According to experts cited by USA Today, the entry violates the principles of good conduct for a retired officer and is evidence of his political views, which – they assert – a Pentagon official should avoid.

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