The vaccination rate in Europe has been slowing for several weeks. Vaccination campaigns and policies in many countries have ceased to function. Restrictions are being imposed on unvaccinated people to persuade citizens to get vaccinated and at the same time protect the economy from another shutdown caused by the rapidly spreading delta variant. Where is the most vaccination allowed?


Emmanuel Macron has decided that from the end of July, non-vaccinated people will not enter theaters, cinemas, museums, restaurants, bars, department stores and shopping centers.

Under the government’s decision, these facilities will continue to be available to people with a UCC, i.e. EU Covid Certificate. People who do not have this document cannot, for example, eat in a restaurant or go to the cinema.

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As expected, the government’s decision caused a huge outpouring of interest in vaccination. The day after the restrictions were announced, nearly a million French registered for the first dose.


Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced at the beginning of July that he was “not going to shut down the economy again, just to protect the unvaccinated minority”.

Currently, in Greece, which is a popular tourist destination, people who do not have a UCC are not allowed to enter restaurants, bars, cinemas and theaters. Without a certificate, it is also impossible to get into a nightclub or disco.

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Interestingly, people without a vaccination cannot take a ferry or plane on domestic roads.

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The new restrictions on unvaccinated people will take effect on August 6. The Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, announced that a single dose of preparation will allow Italians to enter theatres, museums, cinemas, restaurants and bars. For people without certificates, these objects will still be inaccessible.

In Italy, UCC will also open doors to gyms, parks, exhibitions and conferences, as well as swimming pools and sports facilities.


Under a government decision, from Monday, July 26, only fully vaccinated people have the right to enter catering facilities. It will not be available for the rest. This is the only restriction approved in Ireland. Likewise in Portugal which restricts entry of unvaccinated persons to restaurants and bars.


Certification in Austria allows the use of all public facilities, such as restaurants, hotels, cinemas, theaters, for example, hairdressing salons.

Czech Republic

The Czech authorities decided to impose restrictions on people without UCC. Entry to restaurants, bars, malls and museums is only allowed for people who have been vaccinated.

However, neither the personnel nor the personnel of these facilities are entitled to verify that customers have UCC. Only services, such as the police, can do this.

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Similar rules are being introduced, more or less severe on non-vaccinators, or announcing that more and more countries will do so.

It is also valid in Great Britain, Russia, Israel and Malta.

At the moment, the Polish authorities are ruling out the possibility of a ban on non-vaccinators, but as Health Minister Adam Nidzelsky admitted to Polsat News, “all EU solutions are being analyzed.”

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