Created for people who want to take a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it combines features of modernity, comfort and beauty, with spacious gardens next to every home – such as the Otusz Naturalnie property near Poznan.

Otusz Naturalnie is a development in a design, build and sale formula, which involves the construction of a closed residential property in the small village of Otusz, located in the Poznań region. The distance between Otusz and Pozna is less than 30 km, which is why the homes are mainly built for people who want to take a break in the suburbs from the city noise. The investment is managed by the Poznan-based company, Demiurg, a designer and general contractor for homes.

Two types of homes

The Demiurg team’s work includes designing and building 16 one-story houses that will create a quiet and serene neighborhood with a suburban feel. Everything will merge with the rural landscape while maintaining a modern look that matches the most pressing needs of future residents.

The studio adopted two types of houses, their common feature being the natural facade material, which is wood and brick. Indicates the neighborhood and surroundings in which things are located. The natural surroundings make the homes well suited to a country landscape. Despite the regular shape of the plots, a slightly winding inner street has been introduced, giving access to all homes. Its shape refers to the natural look of the table, which matches the entire project.

The types of homes differ from each other in a slightly different shape and functional layout. The first is based on an L-shaped scheme, under which the balcony can be covered. In the case of the I-building, this space was completely open.

In addition to a terrace with a garden, each house has a garage with space for two cars. The space in the facilities is designed in a way that combines the practical needs of the family, jobs and the natural atmosphere of the village.

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We wanted to create a property that is distinguished by its shape and idea. We can see homes that are copies of later and subsequent investments, and small capitals arise from them. The Demiurg team focused on something completely new – a residential property surrounded by countryside and nature, which simultaneously combines features of modernity, comfort and beauty. In addition to the beautiful architecture, each house will have a spacious garden that will bring us closer to nature. Otusz of course, this is a completely new quality – says Marlena Slacika, Project Manager.