Helena Mańkowska confirmed that she has collaborated with Capcom on Resident Evil Village. Now, the Polish actress whose face has been used to design Lady Dimitrescu has prepared the cosplay. Her work pleases fans of the universe.

Capcom based the promotion of Resident Evil Village on Lady Dimitrescu, much to the delight of players from the premiere. In the middle of the month The rumors have been confirmed And Helena Mawkowska, hired by the Japanese studio, was a Polish who gave the character’s unforgettable face. The actress even issued a message to the players confirming this I worked as the Japanese.

It doesn’t stop there, because Helena Mańkowska decided to make Lady Dimitrescu And making cosplay. The woman posted her photos on social media, which impressed her fans for some reason.

Helena Mańkowska posted 2 photos and recorded a short movie, which Resident Evil Village fans should especially love. As you know, her character played an important role in Capcom’s latest production – you can only regret some of the decisions the developers made.

Village Resident Evil with the real lady Dimitrisko - Helena Mykowska - 2

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/lady-dimitrescus-real-life-model-brings-her-to-life-in-a-new-photo-shoot/

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