Marek Pisa and Marcin Wiko in the weekly magazine “Sieci” presented the results of the Italian forensic laboratory of the Carabinieri Corps, which show that the wreckage of the Tupolev plane that crashed near Smolensk contained explosives – TNT and RDX (hexogen). Magdalena Mirta, the widow of the late Thomas Mercy, in an interview with the portal, comments on this information.

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In the new weekly magazine “Sieci”: The Italian laboratory also confirms TNT! Are we approaching the truth about the causes of the national tragedy?

Marek Pisa, Marcin Wichaw: Rome Confirms: It’s TNT! There is also a novel opinion in sonoscopy for black box recording

The issue of explosives has been known to us for years. I will wait for expert comments on this topic. Mrs prof. Christina Kamińska-Trela ​​with Professor. Sławomir Szymański identified the spectra of these explosives taken from debris

– He says Magdalena Mirta In an interview with the portal

Military Comments

He was never told how this material would be used there. I remember comments from the military who were very skeptical about TNT there. They claimed it was a very old procedure and they had an assumption that if TNT was found on the wreck of the Tupolev, it meant that the Russians wanted us to find it.

– He points to.

It seems to me that it takes a great deal of care and it is simply necessary to ask those who assert the existence of TNT to simulate how it is used. In my opinion, it’s a little too early to get excited about it. We do have confirmation, but it’s not something we haven’t known in years

Magdalena Mirta confirms.

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