Republican leader Mitch McConnell the day before Joe Biden was sworn in at age 46. President United States of America s Once The former unequivocally condemned the actions of President Donald Trump and linked it to the attack on the Capitol Building on January 6. Previously, other politicians from the Republican Party he came from had been cut off from the actions of the outgoing president. Trump card. It is unofficially reported that McConnell condemns his actions, but the politician himself has not yet spoken.

The Republican leader denounced Trump’s actions. “The crowd was feeding on lies.”

The crowd was provoked to attack the Capitol by President Donald Trump and other influential figures. Feed the crowd with lies

McConnell said during his speech in Senate. They wanted to use aggression and fear to stop further federal actions [w sprawie ostatecznego ogłoszenia wyników wyborów prezydenckich – red.] – added.

Meanwhile, the Republican leader denied, during his speech, the possibility of a frank session of the Senate and a vote to remove Donald Trump before leaving office. This is to be done after the presidency of Joe Biden begins. Earlier, the House of Representatives voted in favor of a measure in which Democratic representatives have a majority. Now the vote will take place in the Senate, that is, the Senate – Trump will be found guilty if not only the Democrats but also 17 Republicans vote “in favor” of impeachment (a 2/3 majority required).

McConnell himself maintains that he has yet to make a final decision on how to vote. “After years of supporting Trump, the influential McConnell has insisted that he has not yet decided whether to vote to condemn Trump, but his decision may be decisive,” the Associated Press wrote. US media also suggests that McConnell’s decision likely may be a signal of how other Republican representatives will vote. – If Mitch is with the dismissal, he will [Trump – red.] It’s over in the Senate, as he commented last week, citing lawmakers in the New York Times.

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isolation. If the Senate is yes, Trump will not be able to run for president again

Trump is the first American president ever to have impeachment proceedings initiated twice. He is accused of “inciting an uprising” and causing riots on the Capitol building in which five people were killed. If impeachment measures are voted on, Trump He will never be able to run for the presidency of the United States again And perform public functions. The first time an indictment was indicted against him in December 2019 – then the charges involved are, among other things, “forcing a foreign country to act in the private interest of the president”. It was a scandal over Trump’s actions to urge Ukraine’s president to cooperate in defaming Joe Biden. Then the Senate “defended” him.

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