How do you rate the atmosphere at United after the departure of Jaroslaw Gawain? How will this affect the future of our country?

Tomash Rzymkowski: I think nothing out of the ordinary has really happened. In Poland and in other parliamentary democracies, it is natural that if any member of the government doubts the policy of the ruling party, and we are talking here about a major project related to overcoming the effects of the epidemic crisis and the Polish regime, and does not want to apply the assumptions accepted by the government, the natural result is to leave ranks Government. If you disagree with him, no one will forcibly detain anyone.

What will the future of the United Right look like now? Will this weaken it, or will it be the complete opposite?

Certainly, some votes will be lost from those politicians who, together with Jaroslaw Goyen, oppose the assumptions of the Polish system. As for the majority required to support the government, as well as to adopt all laws relating to the implementation of the Polish system, it seems to me that it is not in any way jeopardized.

How do you deal with the opinion prevailing in some media outlets that the “Lex TVN” law that was voted into may lead to a reduction in the number of American forces in our country?

I think these kinds of stories can be put into fairy tales. If anyone thinks that the issue of the ownership structure of an entertainment company affects the bilateral relations between two countries under the most powerful military agreement in the world, namely NATO, they are wrong. I don’t think this issue has the slightest impact on core global security issues such as US involvement in this part of the world. I think this is just a hoax and a hoax for the gullible.

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After the last House vote, there was a storm, mainly due to re-inference. How will you comment on votes that are against democratic standards?

The House bylaws provide that in any questionable case, after at least 30 votes have been obtained, a request may be made to the House Marshall for the resumption of voting. Parliamentarians had the right to do so, and this decision was taken by Marshal Elipita Wittek according to the rules of the House of Representatives. I treat all critical voices that there is no such possibility as a clinical example of extreme ignorance and ignorance of the realities of Polish parliamentarianism. This wasn’t the first time in this House term that a reassumption had been made. We are practically halfway through this presidential term and all MPs should have some institutional memory and know that this kind of situation happens in Parliament.

There was an announcement of an amendment proposal to the bill that was passed in the House of Representatives. How do you assess the chance of acceptance by the Senate?

It will be a test for the opposition who wears the emblem of one of the trading stations attached to the Navy Vest. We’ll see if they really want this trading station which, no doubt, mutually supportive and supportive of the mod, which is very useful from the point of view of this station. If not, then I suspect that without this amendment the bill will be finally passed and sent to the President, i.e. the decision to reject the whole bill will be rejected by the parliamentary majority.

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