More than 6000 Gdansk students from Gdansk participated in a survey on distance learning. The most frequently reported problems relate to internet connections, stress, sitting in front of computers from morning to evening, and lack of understanding on the part of teachers.

It is the second time Youth City Council in Gdansk Make an effort to gather the opinions of Gdansk students on the modus operandi Distance learning In their facilities.

57 percent of students rate e-lessons well

For this purpose, a questionnaire was created specifically for primary and secondary school pupils, in which students were asked about the main advantages and disadvantages of e-lessons as well as their problems and needs related to online learning. And they participated in the first edition that was held in May 2020 2166 the students. The second edition of the report collected up to 6309 the answers.

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The survey demanded, inter alia,

  • Whether students see improvement in performance Electronic lessons Compared to the previous school year,
  • The optimal form of learning suggested by teachers.
  • Whether the school has computers that can be rented and
  • How burdened do they feel.

58 Proc. Respondents answered that they noticed an improvement in the performance of distance learning compared to the previous school year.

Says: “When we compare the survey results to the first report, we see significant improvements in many ways” Jacob CorrasChair of the MRMG Promotion Committee. – 57 percent of those interviewed rated distance learning as good or very good. In May, it was exactly half. It should be noted that only one in ten people rate the performance of e-lessons poorly or poorly, and in the spring the figure was 16%.

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Distance learning. From morning until evening in front of the computer

On the other hand, opinions about the amount of material needed to master it are disturbing. In a previous study Nearly 60 percent of students He indicated that he felt heavy or heavy with tasks. A large percentage of respondents answered that they were asked more than the time Teaching is full time. The situation has practically not improved in this regard.

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Exactly half of the respondents complain about the enormity of the flag being burdened by them – Jacob Coras adds. Not only do they have to spend 6-7 hours in front of the computer during online lessons, but often later they have to do some homework that extends screen time until late in the evening. The effects of this are alarming Vision problems, back pain, health problems or stress.

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On the other hand, this is positive now 98 Proc. Schools have transformed into a unified educational platform (Microsoft Teams).

– At the meeting with Gdansk Deputy Mayor Monica Shapior He assured us that the report would be submitted to the directors of the Department of Social Development. Then it will be awarded to secondary and elementary school principals in Gdansk, who will be able to improve the quality of lessons remotely in managed institutions – Says Ranko Hoffman, MRMG consultant. In addition, the President offered to support us sociologists and analysts from the Department of Strategy and Social Programs in Gdansk.

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