Shock absorbers were hired to clean up a house full of garbage, as battles were waged through “waist-high” levels of trash, including bottles of urine – just days after the former occupants had left.

The photos show incredible amounts of garbage, which took four people seven hours to clean and fill up three pickup trucks.

Warren Senior visited the property in Morsley, Bury, Greater Manchester, before his crack-cleaning team began work, describing it as “the worst house we’ve ever seen”.

The owner of Senior Waste Removals, which has been in business for five years, was unable to pass the door at first due to a torrent of trash behind.

Tell Manchester Evening News : “It’s the worst house we’ve ever seen in five years of doing this and we’ve done some bad work.”

It took four cleaning units several hours to clear all the trash

Warren was called by the private owner of the property to go have a look and “get an idea of ​​the cost of the cost” for clarity.

“They just told me it was too bad,” he admits.

The house was occupied only days before

As he made his way through the door, bags of food, rubbish, and other flies began to come out, and the cleaning chief knew he had stopped working.

He explained, “I have a very strong stomach, and I have never wanted to enter a job and raise its prices, but it took me five minutes to prepare myself and enter.”

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The front door opened to the kitchen and waist height was full of trash, all appliances were completely covered.

“I went into the hallway and found a set of stairs, I had to climb into the front room which was covered in flies.

20-year-old urine and rat nest bottles found

“The main room had sofas but it was in a state and on the left there was a bathroom but it was a mess too.

“I had to climb up piles of trash to get to the bedroom.”

What’s even more shocking for Warren is that someone was living in that house just a week before he arrived – which raised concerns about his mental health.

Warren added, “Someone was already living on this property a week ago.

There were bottles of urine around the place he just left there.

“Also strange is that when I went up to the third floor, I opened a door and there was nothing at all. Just an empty room.

“They might not be able to move much and live on one floor. There are clearly some mental health issues at play.”

Soon after, Warren’s team of four crammed into the house wearing specialized suits and masks.

When they begin their mission, they make another disgusting discovery – a nest of about 20 mice.

However, he said his team is used to that kind of thing, having worked with Bury and Bolton Council on jobs involving “a lot of mice.”

“It was a bagging job. It took an entire day: four men, seven hours, three trucks. That’s too much for us.

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“They just used it as one giant coin.”

The business costs six times the average job cost of a removal firm – running into the thousands due to the sheer volume of litter.

When the team left, the house was a shell compared to when they arrived.

“We’re changing the identity of the house,” Warren said.

He added, “We lift everything, including the floor coverings. Now it’s ready for the owner to make any changes that need to be made so that someone else can move.”