Apr 20, 2021, 10:52

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the premiere of Portal 2, a Portal Reloaded mod was released on Steam Workshop. It introduces a new single-player campaign, in which the gameplay experience is enhanced by the ability to time travel.

The portal has been uploaded to:

  1. Fan adjustment to Gate 2And the
  2. With a new campaign offering 25 test rooms,
  3. Gameplay enriched with time travel.

Two days ago, the game celebrated its tenth birthday Gate 2. It doesn’t seem like Valve will be developing the third installment of the series in the near future, but fans of the franchise can’t complain about the lack of new adventures, because The production still boasts a very active editing community. The latest project I developed is a powerful mod Reloaded gateWhich not only introduces a new campaign, but also dramatically expands the gameplay, and enriches it with the manipulation of time.

The mod is available from Steam Workshop, so you don’t have to play around downloading and manually extracting files to the correct folders. The Steam client does it all for you.

Players take on the role of a 4-5-0-9 test object, whose mission is to test Aperture Science’s latest invention in action. This device can create three types of gates. Apart from the already known orange and blue dots, which connect two points in space, we can also use the green dot, which creates a transition to the world 20 years in the future.

Enriching the gameplay with the ability to switch between two versions of the maps allowed the authors to create puzzles, which are not just repetitions of the challenges we are used to. outlet.

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The mod provides 25 test chambers to overcome. The project was very well executed, both in terms of graphics and sound. The creators have prepared an extensive soundtrack and over a hundred new audio lines.

  1. Official Site of the Portal Reloaded Project
  2. Reloaded portal on Steam