When Chelsea last signed Rennes goalkeeper – in 2004 – he conceded one goal in his first eight matches and instilled an immediate sense of confidence. Petr Cech will become a legend of the club.

Nobody says so is Edward Mindy, who moved to Stamford Bridge Rennes in late September His former UEFA Champions League side face Group E on Wednesday, on the verge of becoming the next Czech Republic. However, he got off to a good start in his football career with Chelsea and if there’s one thing English football loves, it’s a good start.

Perhaps this is the quick nature of judgments, a willingness to welcome or detract, but a good start lends positive momentum to the narration, gives fans something to believe in, and most importantly, cuts through pressure, and buys new breathing space.

It helped Mindy that the player who replaced him – Kiba Arizabalaga – had become Associated with unfortunate errors. To reinforce this point, when Mindy missed a home game against Southampton last month due to injury, Arrizabalaga was wrong to score one goal and the team was irregular. In a 3-3 tie.

Otherwise, he would have played Mindy, “bringing confidence to those around him,” in the words of the coach, Frank Lampard, And has conceded one goal in his six matches. “What he showed so far was very complete,” said Lampard.

Lampard mentioned in the first half of Mindy saved by Marcus Rashford 0-0 draw with Manchester United The Saturday before last, when he quickly stepped out of his line to block his feet. It was one of three important interferences in Man of the Match performance. But what also pleased Lampard was the focused and uncomfortable style of the work of Mindy, the character he brought to the team.

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Chelsea goalkeeper Edward Mindy and Frank Lampard, coach.

Chelsea coach Frank Lampard (right) congratulates goalkeeper Edward Mendy (center) after their 4-0 home win over Crystal Palace in October. Photography: Charlotte Wilson / Offside / Getty Images

“He gave a sense of calm in distributing and coming to crosses – things you only want from your goalkeeper,” Lampard said. “I think there will be a lot more to come. With his demeanor, which is fundamental … I have seen how he wants to work and his humility … He can go much further in many departments.

“When we were looking to sign with him, all the comments were that he has a strong personality in the dressing room and that he does not need maintenance. He does not ask a million questions but he is asking enough relevant little things about his relationship with the players around him. So I really enjoyed this On the plus side, his sharing. It seems his personality is largely down with a tough edge when it comes to work. “

Thiago Silva also launched Chelsea’s defensive improvement, Another new signature Which, apart from a 3-3 draw with West Bromwich Albion, barely missed a foot. He wasn’t fazed in Saturday’s 3-0 win over Burnley – traditionally an uphill game away from home.

“I used to talk a lot with Thiago about the style of the Burnley match,” Lampard said. “He was very interested in hearing it and showed me that as a fine professional, he wanted to be prepared to the smallest detail.”

Lampard stated that Christian Pulisic had a minor hamstring injury. The winger is back in outdoor training, although he will not be available against Rin.