Alpine skiing enthusiasts may have been surprised to see Benjamin Alexander running at the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Jamaican finished the last time, but most importantly for him – he was ranked.

Igor Kubik

Igor Kubik

Benjamin Alexander during the reunion at the Beijing Winter Olympics

Twitter / / Benjamin Alexander during the conference at the Beijing Winter Olympics

On Sunday, Benjamin Alexander made history in Jamaican sports. He became the first alpine skier from this country to compete in the Winter Olympics. Interestingly enough, he was a professional DJ until recently.

Compared to the other riders, Alexander led the way very slowly (see below). The last ranked skater with a time of 1:37.94 – 35 seconds became worse than the winner of the first round, Marco Odermatt.

– He was inspired by the Jamaican quad bobsleigh performance at the Calgary Games (1988 – ed.) and said he would learn to skate. He’s a little late, but please, did he come down ambitiously? He has come – said Witold Dominsky, Eurosport commentator during the report.

Watch the video: Big words about Camille Stoch. “I don’t know if I will ever see another leap like that.”

Alexander is the son of a Jamaican but was born in the United Kingdom. He began skating professionally at the end of 2019 at the age of 35, and participated in an official competition for the first time in two years.

89 competitors took part in the giant slalom. As many as 35 of them could not reach the finish line. Alexander lost 15 seconds to the penultimate ranked skater.

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