RHCP at the Stadium of Light

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers have a special place in the hearts and minds of millions of people. One of the most unique, powerful, fun, soulful and talented groups of musicians out there, their continued touring and production is something that their fanbase is likely very thankful for, years after other powerful musical forces have either self-destructed or submitted themselves to projects that detract from their primary group.

That RHCP are coming to the Stadium of Light this month should light up the days of many a music fan, and if you’ve not seen them life, then doing so should become a top priority. Although John Frusciante is absent, the others – Flea, Chad, and of course, Anthony – are there in force, and will likely delight everyone from musicians, to bankers, to teenagers, to partypoker players in their ability to delve into their hoard of golden classics, such as “Under the Bridge” and “Can’t Stop.”

Their new material will also continue to impress, and while they have been known to be somewhat un-interactive with the audience and anti-encore with their performances on occasion, it seems as though many fans will have a choice – see them now, or potentially miss out on the ability to witness the performance of a band that arguably challenged what was on the music market at the time, and still does.

Regardless, it’s recommended you investigate and walk away with a smile on your face, having sung the words to songs known by even the most casual RHCP fan in the house, wondering when they’ll next grace the Sunderland music scene. In an ideal world, bands like this would take up residencies, but if that were to be the case, the Chilli Peppers might find themselves on hundred-year-long tours given the demand. Classics, and musical treasures – treat your ears.

Joseph Burke