Rebecca Vardy was looking bright and breezy when arriving for an ice dance rehearsal, ahead of the Supreme Court defamation hearing against Colin Rooney.

Premier League player Jimmy Vardy’s wife is Sue the wife of a fellow soccer player Ronnie after her It was claimed that Vardy had leaked private stories about her To the press.

Fardy, 38, has always denied any involvement, and next week, a Supreme Court judge will decide what Rooney, 34, must prove to successfully defend her case.

Coleen Rooney accused Rebecca Vardy of leaking stories about her to the press

Crucially, it has to be established whether Ronnie points the finger at Vardy personally, or whether she blames any account user.

The public feud between the two former friends was called “Clowns War”, and Ronnie witnessed the christening of “Wagata Christie” in response to her special police skills in her attempts to track down the person responsible for leaking her social media posts.

Ronnie claimed that she set the privacy settings to make sure the stories were only visible for one account, that belonged to Fardi.

She said the posts specified to be visible only through Fardie’s account were bogus, including that she was considering choosing a gender in order to have a baby. Some newspapers wrote about these stories.

At the time of the indictment, Fardi insisted that “different people” could access her Instagram account.

The mother of five, who was seven months pregnant at the time the allegations was made, later said that the pressures of public disagreement caused her to have severe anxiety attacks.

Rebecca Vardy attends the 2019 Pride of Sport Awards held in London.
Vardy was seven months pregnant at the time of the charges

Away from the upcoming trial, Vardy is now preparing to appear on next year’s figure skating show, hosted by Philip Schofield, Holly Willoughby.

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She has said that she looks forward to “sequins and the perfect sparkle” but doesn’t trust her dancing skills too much, admitting “I just think I want everyone to laugh at me.”

Other stars to appear on ITV include presenter Milene Klas, actress Dennis Van Uten and former Olympic figure skater Graham Bell.

Referees include former Olympic world champion Jane Torville and Christopher Dean, and performers John Barrowman and Ashley Banjo.

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Vardy already had a brush with reality TV, after he appeared on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! In 2017, she was the third celebrity to be eliminated.

The thirteenth series of Ice Dancing begins in January 2021.

The defamation hearing will take place in Vardy High Court in central London next Thursday.