Want to see how Rawicz has changed over the past few years? We can notice it thanks to the functionality available in the Google Street View app. How did the buildings, the people, and the world around them change? Are there any places in Rawicz where time stops? See for yourself!

Google Maps is a website that allows searching for objects and displaying maps and aerial imagery of the Earth’s surface. Thanks to the feature Street view By default, you can “enter” into streets that were driven by private cars (the so-called Google Car). Their mission is to make panoramic views of the city from street level, 360 degrees.

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Google cars visited our city many times. They came to Rawicz for the first time In 2011. In 2012, they provided comprehensive photographic documentation for nearly all streets of the time. Since then, they have also appeared in 2013 and 2014. Only the main streets of our city were modernized at that time. Google Car was last seen on Rawicz in 2017.

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