Rafai Trzaskovsky appeared before the Congressional Subcommittee, where he argued that Poland is a “battleground between democracy and authoritarianism.” However, the politician’s unnatural behavior, strange pronunciation and hitherto unknown gestures caught the attention of netizens. So the internet was flooded with a flurry of memes and comparisons – incl. To the scene from “Teddy”, where in order to achieve an English accent while reading letters, the announcer developed the technique of speaking with noodles in her mouth.

Trzaskowski “In Congress” – we know what we’re talking about. In the second sentence – about PiS

Rafai Trzaskowski on Thursday will participate in a remote hearing before one of the dozens of subcommittees in the US Congress. actually…

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“I was in Congress several times, it looked different from the picture” – the MP Radoslo Vogel wrote, and the MEP for this party, Dominic Tarcinsky, shared a photo of Trzaskovsky and joked: “How many people are in this Congress!” Sam showed a picture of his visit to the United States when he was actually meeting with American politicians in the Capitol, And not on the Internet while sitting in an office in Warsaw.

Rafai Trzaskowski was heard on the online link by a few people from one of the many subcommittees (Yes, not even the entire commission) The US Senate, but he’s making a fuss about it, as if the whole world would listen to him. An enchanting display of neo-colonial mentality and parochialism, unleavened,” Robert Winicki of the Union evaluated.

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Netizens often compare Trzaskowski’s performance to the cult scene from the movie “Miś” directed by Stanisław Bareja or suggest that the politician in the Civic Platform He drank a lot of energy drinks before his performance. There are many references to the growth of the President of Warsaw and his knowledge of foreign languages.

Before a congressional subcommittee, Rafai Trzaskovsky called himself and the mayors of other cities “the guardians of freedom, democracy, and minority rights.” – Today, the Law and Justice Law government is trying to write its own version of history and erase Lech Wałęsa from the history books. Only thanks to the courage of our teachers, Polish children can learn about it (…). Thanks to us, children in schools are learning about tolerance, women’s rights and climate change – he said.

And what do Internet users say? In their opinion, Trzaskowski behaved differently than usual – he referred to himself in an unnatural way and tried to pretend to be an American politician.

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