Huge storms last week caused severe storms in western Germany Floods and severe damage. Services have already confirmed 156 deaths and 670 injured. Unfortunately, these numbers may increase. Rescuers and the military are still searching the flooded area.

The authorities initially estimated the losses at several billion euros. The federal government will make a decision on the financial aid program on Wednesday.

Merkel: Fast, no bureaucracy

German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, announced during a visit to Bad Münstereifel in North Rhine-Westphalia that the aim of the government program would be to provide “immediate, non-bureaucratic assistance.”

“We will do everything we can to ensure that this happens really quickly,” Merkel said. A day after the government in Berlin adopts the relevant legal measures, the state authorities will also adopt the relevant decisions.

The politician noted that in the case of the current flood, due to its scale, the measures taken by the federal government should go much further.

Poland helps

Regarding the floods in Germany, Prime Minister Morawiecki made an offer to help our western neighbors.

– In view of this really difficult situation in Germany, and in particular in North Rhine-Westphalia and Belgium, the Polish government, namely Mr. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki Yesterday, he first expressed his solidarity with our German partners, but also offered to help if such help was needed – said Szymon Szynkowski Vel Sęk during the press conference.

At the moment, Germany is not interested in helping other countries. Poland is ready to help our neighbors in such an unusual and difficult situation. It was also a matter of working level discussions. For now, our German partners have announced that they are dealing with their forces and resources, said Szynkowski Vel Sęk.

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