Queen Elizabeth II will not meet young Lillipet. Prince Harry will not come to Britain. As it turns out, he has a special reason for that.

Since Harry moved to Canada with his family, Queen Elizabeth II has never seen her grandsons Archie and Lillibet, who were born in June 2021. Harry himself is also very rare in Great Britain. He last officially appeared in the country last year, when a monument to Princess Diana was unveiled. A spokesperson for Harry recently announced that he will not attend Prince Philip’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey on March 29.

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Queen Elizabeth won’t meet little Lillipet? Harry did not grant his sick grandmother’s wish

As it turns out, Harry says he doesn’t feel safe in Britain. The prince will not come in his homeland with his wife and children, and the reason for their absence is the refusal of the Ministry of Interior to grant protection to the family. This is official police protection on British soil.

It is rumored that Harry will not win this battle against the Home Office. So there is a real chance he will not return to the UK.

“It is a sad case given that a Queen who is too weak to travel from Windsor to London, let alone travel from Britain to California, may never meet her granddaughter Lilipet.” – “New Idea” reports. So it seems Elizabeth will never meet little Lillipet again.

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